Rifle Match information

 Joseph M. Kier
Department of Pennsylvania
 Marksmanship Chair

September 2019


Firing position changes:
3 Sighters
10 Offhand
15 Sitting or Kneeling
15 Prone

New classification:  Open Classification
(Allowed to use the 4x scope - no teams - shoot only one classification)



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2019 Pistol Match information

 Joseph M. Kier 
Department of Pennsylvania
 Marksmanship Chair


June 7 -  9, 2019

Course of fire same as 2018
Both strings will be fired before leaving the bench.

 Match Information
2019 Pistol Match Flyer and General Instructions 
 2019 Pistol Match Information Sheet
2019 Service Pistol Match Form
2019 Open Pistol Match Form
Fort Indiantown Gap Hold Harmless Form
Marine Corps League of Pennsylvania, Inc. Hold Harmless Form

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