Commandant's Message

1 July 2014

Marines of the Department of Pennsylvania

I would like to take this opportunity to thank those Marines that attended the Department Convention in Wilkes-Barre and entrusting me and the newly elected officers to help guide the Department of Pennsylvania for the coming year. It is truly an honor and I will do my best to move the Department forward. I have some ideas on how to accomplish that mission and have challenged the Department staff to help develop them. There were several new Officers elected or appointed and I believe that the Department will be in good hands for many years to come. Working together with the Districts and Detachments we can become an ever stronger organization. As many of you know membership has been an ongoing problem and that should be a priority for everyone in the Department. We did very well recruiting this year, but still have far too many delinquencies. We will work through the Districts to help the Detachment where we can. And hopefully we can get a handle on this problem. I also hope to improve communications with the Detachments and encourage all League Members to bring any ideas to the Department that they believe can help us improve. I believe in an open door policy, so please do not hesitate to contact me with your concerns and ideas.

Semper Fidelis,

Jim Powell

Department of Pennsylvania, Inc.

26 August 2013

Commandants Report:

Re: 90th National Convention-Grand Rapids, MI.

The business session of the convention started on Monday August 5 and ended on Friday August 9, 2013. The Department only had twenty members present. Over all the convention went very good. There were a lot reports given with information that has a lot of food for thought in them.

The budget passed, and with that a motion was made to raise the National dues by two dollars ($2.00). The motion passed.


Proposed by-law change #2( passed)- The proposed was (a) Regular membership- U.S. Navy Chaplains, having earned the FMF Badge, serving with Marines for no less than ninety (90) days are eligible for regular membership.

Proposed by-law change#5 (passed)- Life Membership Dues


36-40 $400.00
41-50 $400.00
51-64 $300.00
65-over $200.00
Proposed Admin Change #1 (passed)- updated language on the Memorandum of Agreement for the Young Marines of the Marine Corps League.

Proposed Admin Change #2 (passed ) Modify cited portions of Section 901,904,909 and Attachment 3 of Chapter Nine

Proposed Admin Change #3 (passed ) Modify cited portions of Section 901 and 904 of Chapter Nine.

Proposed Encl 3 Change # 2 (passed ) Lettering on the Cover.

Awards for Pennsylvania Marines.

3rd place for Americanism (plaque)- Northampton Det.


1. Bantam Marines (plaque )
2. Three Rivers Leatherneck ( plaque )


1. Donald Bailey (19 members)
2. James Mineo (10 members )
3. Vincent DeBella ( 5 members)


1. First place- MGySgt. John W. Zaengle ( plaque )
2. Third place- Department of Pennsylvania (plaque )

Newsletter Certificates for Participation:

1. Northampton County Det. #298- "Incoming News"-Kay Kondash
2. Bethlehem Det. #284- "Bethlehem Forward Observer"- Sherwood Shaplin
3. MGySgt. John W. Zaengle Det. #1023- "Bulldog Gazette"- Liz McCleaster
4. Department of Pennsylvania- "The Keystone Leatherneck"- Liz McCleaster

Postal Match:

Rifle Match- Second place Master- Three Rivers Leatherneck (plaque )

Pistol Match-

First place Master-George R. Summersgill- Three Rivers Leatherneck
Second place Master- Rick D. Hamilton- Three Rivers Leatherneck
Third place Master- James Waychoff- Three Rivers Leatherneck


1. Allen Ferguson
2. Ben Cero
3. Neil Corley
4. Hank Fiola
5. Donald Miller
6. Fred LeClair

Meritorious Unit Commendation for the Department of Pennsylvania 2012-2013

Twenty one (21 ) Detachments had 100% membership. Certificates and Streamers were awarded.

Tom Hazlett- Kennel Dog of the Year

Leanna Dietrich- Sr. Vice Chief Devil Dog

Leanna Dietrich- Asst. Northeast Division Vice Commandant

Tony Modzelewski- Northeast Division Vice Commandant ( New Jersey)

Gordon Sheriff

Commandant MCL Dept. of Pa. Inc.