2018 Department Convention

Wyndham Garden - York
2000 Loucks Road
York, PA  17408

   2017 Convention Minutes  
   2017 Credentials Report  
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  2018 Marine Corps League Convention Agenda  
  2018 Marine Corps League Auxiliary Convention Agenda  

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2017 Awards

June 2017

Category I Category II Category III
First Place Tri-Boro Detachment Lewis B. Puller, Jr. Detachment Lancaster County Detachment
Second Place Bucktail Detachment Susquehanna Valley Detachment First Capitol Detachment
Category I Category II Category III
First Place      
Second Place    
Third Place    
Detachment Newsletter
First Place First Capitol Detachment 1st Edition
Second Place General Smedley D. Butler Detachment Scuttlebutt
Third Place Central Bucks Detachment Listen Up
 Participation  Northampton County Detachment
 Incoming News
 Participation  Williamsport Detachment  
 Participation  Pocono Marines  Scuttlebutt
 Participation  Ohio Valley Marines Detachment   Jarhead News
 Participation  Greater Greensburg Detachment  Semper Fi Highlights
 Participation  Russel M. Butterweck Detachment  Butterweck Broadside
 Participation  Lehigh Valley Detachment  The Sitrep
 Participation  Forbes Trail Detachment  
 Participation  White Haven Detachment  
 Participation  Allegheny Valley Detachment  The Eagle, Globe and Anchor
 Participation  Bantam Marines Detachment  The Scoop
Editor Detachment Newsletter 
First Place Dave Brady First Capitol Detachment 1st Edition 
Second Place James Powell Central Bucks Detachment Listen Up
Third Place Dan Luty General Smedley D. Butler Detachment Scuttlebutt
 Participation James Mineo  Northampton County Detachment Incoming News
 Participation     Williamsport Detachment  
 Participation  Raymond Fitzpatrick  Pocono Marines Scuttlebutt
 Participation  Keith Sheldon  Ohio Valley Marines Detachment Jarhead News
 Participation  Joyce Arrigoni  Greater Greensburg Detachment Semper Fi Highlights
 Participation  Herm Dillon  Russel M. Butterweck Detachment Butterweck Broadside 
 Participation  Jason Smith  Lehigh Valley Detachment The Sitrep
 Participation    Forbes Trail Detachment  
 Participation  Paul Dixon  White Haven Detachment  
 Participation  Anthony Sandrick  Allegheny Valley Detachment The Eagle, Globe and Anchor
 Participation  Ben Cypher  Bantam Marines Detachment The Scoop 
Category I Category II Category III
First Place Black Sheep Detachment Bantam Marines Detachment First Capitol Detachment
Second Place Rolling Rock Detachment Bob Smith Detachment Chester County Detachment
Third Place Tun Tavern Detachment Forbes Trail Detachment Lewis B. Puller, Jr. Detachment

Mary Cody Award Stewart R. Langley First Capitol Detachment
Name Number of Members
First Place Camillus P. Kulick 15
Second Place Donald W. Bailey 11
Third Place Edward Forster 8
Name Detachment Name Detachment
Tom R. Tanner Chester County Detachment Katherine A. VanGorder Chester County Detachment
Glenn E. Balmer  Lancaster County Detachment Robert C. Buser Lancaster County Detachment
Gerald T. Cox, Jr. Lancaster County Detachment John S. Davidson Lancaster County Detachment
Anthony J. Faiola Lancaster County Detachment John L. Finger Lancaster County Detachment
Dennis R. Kendig Lancaster County Detachment James D. McMahon Lancaster County Detachment
Jack D. Snyder Lancaster County Detachment Mariano Gaspari R. M. Butterweck Detachment
Gary German R. M. Butterweck Detachment Melvin Greiss R. M. Butterweck Detachment
Robert Hanley R. M. Butterweck Detachment David Roth, Sr. R. M. Butterweck Detachment
Neil B. Corley Northampton County Detachment Kenneth S. Garr Northampton County Detachment
James A. Mellon, Jr. Northampton County Detachment Larry Scheetz Central Bucks Detachment
 George D. Higgins  First Capitol Detachment  Philip D. Ciofalo First Capitol Detachment
 Blaine R. Copenhaver  First Capitol Detachment  William H. Mead First Capitol Detachment
 Rickey L. Cox  First Capitol Detachment  Yvonne M. Zeigler First Capitol Detachment
 Richard Kern  First Capitol Detachment  Ronnell M. Sprenkle First Capitol Detachment
 David A. Eisenhour  First Capitol Detachment  Gordon D. Sprenkle First Capitol Detachment
 Terry L. Parr  First Capitol Detachment  Robert J. Senft First Capitol Detachment
 Franklin Arnold  First Capitol Detachment  Richard B. Erdman First Capitol Detachment
 Burton R. Shellhammer  First Capitol Detachment  Paul Hedrick First Capitol Detachment
 Michael W. Knapp  First Capitol Detachment  Warren Hengst  First Capitol Detachment
 Ervin Smith  First Capitol Detachment  Floyd E. Kerstetter Williamsport Detachment
 Chester E. Helm  Williamsport Detachment  Marland B. Brown, Jr. Williamsport Detachment
 Daniel J. Muthler  Williamsport Detachment  John J. Watson Williamsport Detachment
 Michael J. Dunlap  Williamsport Detachment  James R. Hine Williamsport Detachment
 Camillus Kulick  Westmoreland County Marines Detachment  Ronald J. Levan Susquehanna Valley Detachment
 Elmer J. Laporte  Susquehanna Valley Detachment  Philip T. Martin Susquehanna Valley Detachment
 Joseph J. Powell  Susquehanna Valley Detachment Stephen E. Phillips  Susquehanna Valley Detachment
 Robert E. Reigle  Susquehanna Valley Detachment  Craig A. Reinaker Susquehanna Valley Detachment
 James J. Runyan  Susquehanna Valley Detachment  John M. Sheaffer Susquehanna Valley Detachment
 Donald J. Shuey  Susquehanna Valley Detachment  George M. Steese Susquehanna Valley Detachment
 Kenneth L. Walls  Susquehanna Valley Detachment  Robert M. Bastian, Sr. Susquehanna Valley Detachment
 Paul E. Boudman  Susquehanna Valley Detachment  Dean T. Beaver Susquehanna Valley Detachment
 James R. Chamberlin Susquehanna Valley Detachment   Jimmy D. Fisher, Sr. Susquehanna Valley Detachment
 Joseph L. Goguts  Susquehanna Valley Detachment  Michael R. Graham Susquehanna Valley Detachment
 Russell D. Herman  Susquehanna Valley Detachment  Robert E. Hoffman Susquehanna Valley Detachment
 David L. Kline  Susquehanna Valley Detachment  Richard L. Knoebel Susquehanna Valley Detachment
 David B. Keiser  Susquehanna Valley Detachment  James H. Winder Susquehanna Valley Detachment
 Thomas A. Wagner  Susquehanna Valley Detachment  Dale E. Yount Susquehanna Valley Detachment
 Richard B. Zerbe  Susquehanna Valley Detachment    
Name Detachment Name Detachment
Richard L. Brinkman Lancaster County Detachment William A. Hoover First Capitol Detachment
Award Name Det # Detachment
Distinguished Service Bronze
 Lillie R. Ray
1903 White Haven 

David C. Brady  521 First Capitol 
Individual Meritorious Commendation
Michael Zizzo   281 All Divisions 
  Roslyn G. Schroeder 284 Bethlehem 
  Bill Foster 295 Landis McCleaf 
  Terry L. Keiser 296 Lehigh Valley 
  James V. Mineo 298 Northampton County 
  Anthony J. Flaynik 299 Patrick W. Milano 
  Robert C. Johnson  302 Nittany Leathernecks  
  Joseph Wentline  304 Northeastern 
  Rachael C. Rice   308 Susquehanna Valley 
  Eugene C. Irvin  312 Valley Forge  
  Richard D. Lane  388 Williamsport
  Neal A. Graziano  428 Anthracite 
  Robert D. Kelley  441 Boot Marine 
   Melissa J. Rosa  450 George Pron-Paul Seton  
   Kenneth H. Woulfe  568 Tri-Boro 
   James J. Powell  636 Central Bucks 
  Robert E. Iddings   687 Juniata Area 
   David J. Baum 738 Rolling Rock 
   James A. McMullen  743 Bantam Marines 
   Dennis E. Deibert  784 Bob Smith 
   Andrew V. Bubnis  846 Black Diamond 
  Mary Lou Farole   882 Ohio Valley 
   Timothy W. Illingworth  1023 MGySgt John W. Zaengle 
   Allen D. McLaughlin  1102 Bob Swanson 
   Peter F. Palestina  1230 Patriot 
   Douglas E. Davis  1400 Stewart Tank
Distinguished Service Award (Certificate Only)
 Larry L. Samples  286 Chester County 
   Dennis R. Cherry  289 Sgt William L. Dixon 
   Edward J. Sabol Jr.  290 Hugh B. Eastburn III 
   Philip Cerussi  310 Three Rivers Leatherneck  
   Joseph O'Day  412 Black Sheep
   Richard Lowe  432 Coal Cracker
   Roy E. Schrimp  445 Penn-York
   Kenneth E. Miller 465 Russell M. Butterweck
   Bobby L. Fuentes  492 Pocono Marinse 
   Steven L. Ribovich  522 Deer X-ing
   Wesley E. Smedley  524 Lewis B. Puller Jr.
   Cheryl A. Laub  626 Schuylkill-Carbon 
   Bob M. Spano  741 Gen. Smedley D. Butler 
   Gerald F. Kern  788 New Castle Marines  
   William Waruszewski  797 Forbes Trail 
   Ronald Zeiler  827 Allegheny Valley  
   Frank A. Antoline  834 Greater Greensburg 
   O. Robert Neira  880 Endless Mountains 
   Gary E. McCann  884 Upper Darby 
   Burton Weinstein   909 Tri-State Gung Ho 
   Paul F. Hastings  998 Keystone Headquarters  
   James Price  1138 Washington County 
   Maryanne Palamara
 1413 Westmoreland County